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Coronavirus: News to Stay Informed

Memo To:       All Field Staff From:  Ed Miller, RN – Director of Nursing Date:   3/2/20; revised 4/2/20 RE: COVID-19 Precaution Notification The current situation regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is changing quickly as the illness spreads across the globe. As Health Care professionals it is our responsibility to be informed and reliable […]

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To All Staff: Inform Us of Your Availability to Work

So that VNG Staffing can best get you the hours that you’re seeking, please take a moment to print out and complete the Availability Form below by indicating the shifts that you’re available to work either ongoing or on a fill-in basis. Be sure to mention specific requests in the remarks section for any details […]

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The Flu – A Guide for Parents

What is the flu? A Guide for Parents The flu (influenza) is an infection of the nose, throat, and lungs that is caused by influenza virus. The flu can spread from person to person. Most people with flu are sick for about a week, but then feel better. However, some people (especially young children, pregnant women, […]

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Common Questions Parents Ask About Infant Immunizations

Is it okay for my baby to have so many shots at once? Yes. Studies show that kids’ bodies—even infants—can handle many shots at once. Having several vaccines at once is safe, even for a newborn.Is it okay for Combination vaccines protect your child against more than one disease with my baby to have a single […]

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Looking For a Rewarding Career?

As a nurse, you deserve to have a career that is both lucrative and rewarding. Many nurses are frustrated by the conditions they work under in hospitals and nursing homes. It is exhausting to be caring for up to 30 patients at one time.  The Visiting Nurse Group (VNG) offers a wonderful option for nurses […]

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Who We Are, What We Do

The Visiting Nurse Group can save you a lot of time by visiting your home for all of your child’s pediatric needs. Going to a local pediatrician’s office can be an issue if your child is very sick or if you simply do not have the time to travel to a reputable doctor. Instead of […]

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